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A specific period a person sets aside to revive, relax and destress. Ref Collins English Dictionary

One in five individuals in the U.S. struggle with AMI_Any Mental Illness. Less than half seek help. People go to counseling for other reasons; to work on ruptured relationships, challenges at work, and much more. You are making a healthy choice for positive change. MeTime Therapy is a private TeleHealth service. Meeting with a counselo... Read more

What is TeleMentalHealth?

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) defines telehealth as a service that uses video calling and other technologies to help you see your doctor or other healthcare providers from home rather than a counseling office or medical facility.

TeleHealth is also known as "TeleMedicine" as a practice and system involving medical providers, and "TeleMentalHealth" relates to mental health providers. TelelHealth eliminates many barriers to c... Read more